Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra

Badrinath Dham
At an altitude of 10,248 feet of the Himalayas,the journey through the alluring and spellbinding mountainous curvatures is blissful and makes one feel to be on cloud nine. The trip to Badrinath is indeed a blessed one and divine to see the devotion and rites for Lord Vishnu in Badrinath temple which is legendary and makes this place one of the most visited pilgrimage of the four dhams in India. There are many legends that centres Lord Vishnu and makes one dig the place deep for more myths. The spiritual Neelkanth Mountain is a view from Badrinath which will leave you enthralled. The Parvat is so captivating that it is believed to have the steps leading to heaven. The greatest epic of all times, “Mahabharata” was penned down in cave here.

Kedarnath Dham
Fringed and crowned by snow, Kedarnath, is a fusion of piety and positive energy among the mighty Mandakini River. Lord Shiva is titled as Kedar, who is epitomized asdemolisher as well as armor and hence, this place is world-wide known and visited for the pious Kedarnath temple. Pilgrims are just not treated by the exquisiteness and holiness of the place but also mesmerized by many more must-visits like Maa Jwalamukhi Devi village Andarwari, Maa Chandika Devi village lwara. Pilgrims flock here during summer to attain spiritualism and thrive to take the holy water back home which is considered to be pure.The journey takes one through the mighty Himalayas and provides a breath taking view of the valley that encloses the Kedarnath temple. The pious travel can be either done traditionally by trekking or horse-riding and also a convenient way to reach there is by a helicopter.Kedarnath is barred from visitors during winter due to its life-threatening weather.The nature at its best, Kedarnath is indeed a heart-throbbing experience.

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